F.P. Journe Sonnerie Souveraine Watch Hands-On

F.P. Journe Sonnerie Souveraine Watch Hands-On

Swatch's trademark is as a word and figurative mark. One of the things that will have to be settled is, is iWatch confusingly similar to iSwatch especially in a wrist-worn timepiece context? Another matter that complicates things is that the company which registers first gets can claim priority brand protection. Swatch registered in as early as 2008 in some countries, but hadn't registered in others until 2013, potentially giving Apple the upper hand in a dispute.

Is The Swatch Group Interested In Fighting Apple Over The iWatch Trademark? Watch Industry News
Apple's iWatch trademark registration in Taiwan, source: tipo.gov.tw

Seiko Astron Solar GPS Watch New Design Added For 2014 Watch Releases

Sharing A Reader's Speedmaster Story

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Along with this star-disc moves the moon, meaning that upon looking at the display one can tell the moon's relative position to the sun and earth. Consequently, it is a new moon when the moon is "between" the earth and the sun, and as it rotates counter-clockwise it goes from waxing to full and then to waning moon - as pictured below. What is more is that there is a fixed 24-hour ring around the periphery of the star-disc, serving as a day and night indicator: as the earth disc rotates away from the "sun" - the balance wheel - one can easily read on which part of the Northern hemisphere is it day, or night.

XN: No, I don’t have it anymore. After that, my grandfather gave me his Condor Chronograph. He got it sometime in the 50s and it still works and looks great thanks to the watchmaker who completely restored it. My current grail watch is the first Royal Oak Concept that Audemars Piguet released at the end of 2002, just when I joined the company.

The last time we visited a mechanical Luminox watch was in reviewing the Deep Dive 1500 series collection. That was much more a tool-style diver compared to the congenial looks of the 6500 collection. What we really appreciate are the little details which mix the rugged tone of Luminox watches with little decorative elements you tend to see with dress watches such as the polished hands and hour markers and the steel on steel bracelet ref. A.6502 piece.

A True Oddity: The Omega Speedmaster Hackett

JeanRichard 1681 Small Second Gold Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Unique Skeletonized Watches By Molnar Fabry: Hands-On And Workshop Visit Inside the Manufacture The other project at hand was a skeletonized tourbillon, a completely unique piece, of course. Once you take a closer look at the watch in the image above, you may feel that you have seen it before and there is good reason for that. To give you a hint, I suggest inspecting the tourbillon and especially its cage… Familiar? Rightfully so! The base movement for this piece is supplied by none other than Christophe Claret. What Michal and Igor do to make this piece truly unique is something we will discuss in an article dedicated to this particular watch. Also, we have added images of a few of the duo's other finished pieces so as to help provide a better understanding on the diversity of their work. For now, let's concentrate on their other watches and the workshop where they are born – or reborn, rather.

Unique Skeletonized Watches By Molnar Fabry: Hands-On And Workshop Visit Inside the Manufacture
The two finished pieces worn by Michal and Igor, based on a Unitas 6498-1 and 6497-1, respectively.

Another interesting fact is their real relationship with the new watch market from authorized dealers. Many pre-owned watch retailers want people to buy new, and to buy new often. Why? Because a new watch purchased from an authorized dealer with all the papers and properly filled out warranty card makes for the best pre-owned watch. So the more new watches people buy, the more pre-owned inventory will be eventually available. In fact, some retailers deal in both, and rely on people coming in with their pre-owned watches wanting to trade-in to buy something new.

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